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DTD in the poop again - Online Grand Prix Sunday 20th at 5pm

on 2015-12-15, 20:55
Latest Blog from Rob Yong

This Sunday at 5PM we have the first ever Online Leg of the Grand Prix - I am ALL-IN.

When we orginally scheduled the $250,000 Online Leg of the Grand Prix, of course, it was intended to be a multi day 1 event but despite Ross at partypoker having expertly scoped the multi Day 1 techology {partypoker call this format 'flighted'} to be honest, I quite fancied the idea of doing the first Online Grand Prix without any additional Day 1s - all over and done in 1 day - job done! Like many things, this seemed a good idea at the time and I felt this would challenge us all more to get unique players, rather than relying on players playing multiple Day 1s.

Fast forward 3 months, and the week of the Online Grand Prix has arrived, we need 2,500 players and we have 65 players pregistered with precisely 5 days, 52 minutes and 22 seconds to go {source GPPT Web Site }. As you know we have done Grand Prix's live up to $1M Gtd, 10,000 entries, so 2,500 Online didnt seem such a problem 3 months ago, it wasnt the most scientific of decisions but taking a look at other $109 events last week {PokerStars Sunday Bigger $109 got 2173 for $200K Gtd, partypoker $109 Main Event got 1495 for $150K}, little old DTD find oursleves doing the biggest $109 event available in the online world this Sunday at 5pm!

The only words I can think of to describe how I feel are simply - 'I am all-in". Untimatley, the responsibility of the challenges we set ourselves rests with me personally, this year has been 12 months of falling short, I would be embarassed to go up and collect any poker awards in 2015, in fact, I genuienly hope that we are omitted from the British Poker Awards this year, which we seem to win every year, almost by default.

People do ask to me why set such massive targets, especially when they rely so heavily on the success of online, but I have said time and time again, unless we get the UK online poker market growing and bouyant, the future of live poker is uncertain. We are getting more things right than wrong online, when we signed the partnership with partypoker many players raised their eyebrows, but then after 10 months the UK market is now partypoker's biggest country and partypoker as a global business is moving in the right direction for the first time in many years. I said that the new management at partypoker were sincere, hard working and would deliver for us and that is happening, of course, there are some bumps along any road, but even the most sceptical of poker players must acknowledge that partypoker is contributing to the poker industry more and more.

Back to the Online Leg of the Grand Prix. There are times when I have to come out and ask for your support, I look at the DTD / Player relationship as a two way street, this time is one of them, without you, DTD is that shed in Nottingham, with you, DTD reaches for the stars and gets there most of the time. To everyone that knows me, I need you to help me out with 2 things;

1. Please Pre Register for this Sunday's Grand Prix Online Leg ASAP if you intend to play - it's in the partypoker lobby under 'featured' as well as in the Dusk Till Dawn Tab under 'Grand prix' and 'All'. This will help me get a rough idea of how many players intend to play {we currently only have 65 pre registered}, either use your $109 Ticket OR register with cash {if you win a Grand Prix Ticket in one of the satellites this week, you can just de-register and re-register with you're ticket.

2. Please Help the DTD Team spread the word about the Grand Prix Online Leg, we have never done this before, many players won't understand the concept of a Grand Prix Online Leg, Nicola and her team will be offering prizes for guessing the entries, sharing and retweeting etc, the whole of DTD will be focussed on the Online Grand Prix for the next 5 days, Simon Trumper has done an explaination video.

As usual for all of our Grand Prixs, there will be Mega Sats starting this Thurday night. They start from Cent-Rolls (no re-buys - just $0.01}. These will be in the partypoker lobby later today and Nicola will be PR ing them, but here is snapshot:

Thursday 7pm - 50 seats Gtd
Thursday 9pm - 50 seats Gtd
Friday 7pm - 50 seats Gtd
Friday 9pm - 50 seats Gtd
Saturday 7pm - 50 seats Gtd
Satuday 9pm - 50 seats Gtd
Sunday 1pm - 100 seats Gtd
Sunday 3pm - 100 seats Gtd

Players who win multiple Grand Prix Tickets and play the Online Leg can swap their Ticket for a generic Grand Prix Ticket for use in any Leg, live and online.

Without the constraints of licencing that we have in the football stadiums, we are able to offer a better structure, with a 30,000 starting stack, WPT Main Event structure and 16 min clock (equivelent to 40 mins live). We kick off at 5pm with late registartion till 8.30pm, there is a maximum of 1 re-entry allowed.

Thanks for your support, I know when I need it you guys will back me up.

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Re: DTD in the poop again - Online Grand Prix Sunday 20th at 5pm

on 2015-12-15, 22:27
Why oh why on a sunday with work the next day, and how many more times will we hear "I need your support".

God I hate this game but I can't stop playing.
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Re: DTD in the poop again - Online Grand Prix Sunday 20th at 5pm

on 2015-12-16, 23:49
Don.t trust on line anyway. I played the event at DTD and it was ok but again they were short of numbers. Times are hard and people do not have the money anymore,besides it is xmas in 2 weeks so what money is spare is going in that direction.
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