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Jammy Potter
One Pair
One Pair
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stoke genting cut guarantees

on 2015-11-11, 23:53
todays listing was wrong, they have put out a new winter schedule, buy ins are up, guarantees are down.
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Re: stoke genting cut guarantees

on 2015-11-12, 11:28
Thanks - just found the new schedule on Facebook.

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Full House
Full House
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Re: stoke genting cut guarantees

on 2015-11-13, 21:06
Not suprised at all.Better comps in Manchester and the Midlands.They have bought this upon themselves.When they were the best Cardroom 3 years ago they became complacent and did not move on.The anniversary cup would attract 400-500 runners but they scrapped it.The 100 with10k was scrapped. This just left comps for the locals and nothing to draw in outsiders any more.Stoke does not have enough players between 2 casinos to support comps due to it being a poor area cash wise.in fact Stoke does not really need 2 casinos.There is a hardcore of about 20 Stoke players that now travel as there is nothing to keep them in Stoke.If the 2 casinos worked together then maybe things could work.but lets face it that is never going to happen. It is 61 miles from my house to the casino.There is nothing for me to travel to. When i go over for the match or visit friends or family i play then, but to be honest i cannot take it seriously as i do not want to sit there all night for little return.I hope they can both sort something as i have always tried to support them, but it is a 2 way street and they have to give us something worthwhile as well.idlands
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