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BIRMINGHAM 25/25 SERIES Day 1A Chip Counts

on 2015-11-06, 03:02
Day 1a saw 55 entries in the 25/25 series Birmingham with 17 players making it through to day 2!

Chip Counts:
Steven Morris 190,600...
Nicholas Smith 139,000
Alan Omar 126,70
Peter Wigglesworth 120,200
David Cocciacolaiuda 101,000
Simon Eccleshall 99,800
Kai Chen 90,400
David Cleeve 87,600
Jason Hesson 67,400
Nasir Javed 57,500
Jamie Bott 57,000
Stephen Nash 52,000
Lorenzo Cambianica 47,100
Julian Rebisz 36,300
John Taylor 36,000
Danish Ahmed 34,600
Ramjan Ali 32,000

The average is currently at 80,900 after today's flight.
Currently £13,000 collected including pre reg for the next two day ones.

Day 1b:
Friday 6th November 7pm start - last reg 9:15pm

Day 1c:
Saturday 7th November 4pm start - last reg 6:15pm
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