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Coventry G Casino March Schedule

on 2015-03-04, 10:02

• Scheduled tournaments may include an EARLYBIRD BONUS (10% extra chips) which are given to players that register at least FIVE MINUTES prior to the start time. Special events will be excluded from this feature.
• A Registration fee will be taken from the Total Entry Price for dealer dealt tournaments of £5 unless advertised as a separate amount.
• Scheduled tournaments will only start once there are at least 5 players registered and will only be delayed once and for a maximum of 30 minutes.
• Scheduled tournaments, unless otherwise advertised, include ONE OPTIONAL RE-ENTRY and all players are subject to the full price of the entry. This is only allowed up until the Late Reg time.
• Scheduled tournaments include a 135 minute late registration period. New tables will not be opened during the break but any player on the alternate list by the end of the registration period will be guaranteed a seat.

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