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Two Pair
Two Pair
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£50 Freezeout a Washout Empty £50 Freezeout a Washout

on 2011-09-14, 13:28
Boingblitz had a go at the Shaftesbury after the July running of this got only 11 players. I heard yesterday that only 4 turned up for the September game last Saturday - after them moving the date to avoid other events. Great support from the regulars, not, and it doesn't encourage new players to the club. How come they find it so hard when Broadway is doing so well? Same people own both venues, dont they, you'd think they could get something going.
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£50 Freezeout a Washout Empty Re: £50 Freezeout a Washout

on 2011-09-14, 18:49
Just spoken to Andy, they are trying what they can to build things up at West Brom, but doesnt seem to be a market there for a £50 comp so will knock that on the head for a bit and try to come up with the right schedule for the venue.

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