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GPS - Chris MakkaPak Johnson Champion at Star City

on 2015-02-10, 22:08

GPS Leg 1 Champion - Chris Johnson

The Genting Poker Series is back with a bang for the fourth season, the first leg of 2015 here at Genting Club Star City in Birmingham had a massive 404 entries a fantastic turnout considering what was going on this week. It just goes to show how well supported this tour is by professional and recreational players.

With only players eight levels on the day 1s the bar was busy after they finished, but that also meant day two was extra busy with 150 players coming back to battle it out. They were whittled down to just 26 who made it back today for the third and final days play.

The action today was thick and fast and before we knew it we were down to the final nine players, in quick time as we started the final table as 4:45pm.

Shaun Walsh was the first man to bust the final table. He was the shortest stack going in and after calling a raise with 6-4 he shoved the 4—7—J flop but ran into pre flop aggressor Thomas Clack who had A-J for top pair top kicker. Shaun would leave us in 9th place for £2,830.

There was then a huge lull in the action as two and a half hours would pass before Miguel King busted in 8th place. Shoving the button with his ten bigs with 9-8 he got looked up by Thomas Clack in the big blind holding A-2. The Ace-deuce of Thomas hit two pair and Miguel left with a huge smile and £4,040.

Another hour would pass before Baljit Singh shoved with a flush draw, Chris had the chips to call and he did so holding just Ace high which held against Baljit who was one of the most active players on the final table. Baljit missed his heart draw and finished in 7th place for £5,810.

Grand Final Champion from last year Mark Evans finished in 6th place getting very unlucky holding A-J against the A-J of Thomas. Four hearts would show on the board and Thomas holding the Ace of hearts would take the pot. Mark would head to the cashier to collect £7,440.

Chris Johnson really started to dominate the final and no other players could get anything going as he held over half the chips in play. They only had one more which was to shove. Thomas Clack shoved blind on blind against Kev Parkes, and Kev would call off his ten bigs with A-6 against the 10-9 of Thomas. A ten on the flop would send Kev out in 5th place for £9,690.

A deal would be talked about between the four players but then refused so they continued to play.

Chris would still be attacking the blinds of Tony & Thomas but this time Thomas would call it off with A-10 and come up against the Q-J of Chris. The board would run out 10—J—6—2—5. Chris hitting top pair to take the pot. Thomas would leave with a five figure score of £13,420.

A deal would then be done between the three players. £380 being chopped off the top and Hui & Tony chopping up second and third taking £22,880 each while Chris took home £37,000.

It wouldn’t take long before Hui Jin left in third and Tony McTiernan in 2nd. There we then left with one player with all the chips, Chris ‘MakkaPak’ Johnson. A more than worthy winner of Leg number one.

Thank you to anyone who participated in the tournament, read the blog, interacted on facebook, twitter or watched the live stream which ran perfectly for four days straight. It’s because of you that this tour is so successful.

The next leg for the GPS will be down in Southend at the beautiful casino in around 6 weeks time.

GPS - Leg 1 Star City
£400 NLHE F/O
Entries - 404
Prize Pool - £161,600

1st - £37,000 - Chris Johnson
2nd - £22,880 - Tony McTiernan
3rd - £22,880 - Hui Jin
4th - £13,420 - Thomas Clack
5th - £9,690 - Kev Parkes
6th - £7,440 - Mark Evans
7th - £5,810 - Baljit Singh
8th - £4,040 - Miguel King
9th - £2,830 - Shaun Walsh
10th - £1,520 - Ali Zihni
11th - £1,520 - Athir Ali
12th - £1,520 - Darren Grosvenor
13th - £1,290 - Michael Rosaman
14th - £1,290 - Stephen Marsh
15th - £1,290 - Jen Yue Chiang
16th - £1,290 - Jamie Bott
17th - £1,130 - Paul Mason
18th - £1,130 - Phil Corion
19th - £1,130 - Ellie Biessek
20th - £1,130 - Lee Richards
21st - £1,130 - Zul Mohammed
22nd - £1,130 - Ish Mohammed
23rd - £1,130 - Keng Cheong
24th - £1,130 - George Evans
25th - £1,130 - Dan Stacey
26th - £970 - Osman Mustangolu
27th - £970 - Alex Spencer
28th - £970 - Emma Ames
29th - £970 - Terence Taroni
30th - £970 - David Lloyd
31st - £970 - Gary Banks
32nd - £970 - Shaf Rahman
33rd - £970 - Stephen Bean
34th - £970 - Steve Redfearn
35th - £970 - Will Davies
36th - £860 - Max Chan
37th - £860 - Dean Clay
38th - £860 - Nick Banks
39th - £860 - Chi Zhang
40th - £860 - David Greene
41st - £860 - Steven Healey
42nd - £860 - Farzad Hatemnejadian

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