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Cash Game League back by popular demand

on 2014-08-25, 03:58

Today we started a cash game league, the league will run over 13 weeks, every player that sits on cash games .50/1 and above will qualify to earn points. At the end of the 13 weeks the top 36 players will sit on a cash game with a share of the prize money (the amount of points earned is directly linked top the amount of cash for the final i.e if you have 10% of points earned you will get 10% of the cash). This is run exactly like a cash game with the only difference being you must sit for the 2 sessions lasting 110 mins each. session 1 is .50/1 blinds and session 2 1/2. If a player is away from the table they will post small and big blind every hand missed.

This is the second league we have run and the final for the first was tonight, it went down very well with all local players and the games have picked up during this promotion (during what is normally a quiet time of year).

You earn points each time you sit on our cash games, during each day we have 4 sessions to earn points:

Session 1 6pm-8pm 10 points
Session 2 8pm-12am 5 points
Session 3 12am-3am 5 points
Session 4 3am-6am 10 points

You earn a bonus 10 points if you play any 3 sessions in 1 day and 5 bonus points if you play till last 3 hands Sun-Thur (5:40am) or if you play past 6am Fri and Sat (we are 24hrs over the weekend).

You can earn a maximum of 45 points each day!

I would expect this promotion will collect about £10,000 as the last one collected just under £9k and as previously mentioned summer is usually much quieter time of year.

Why not come on down and give it a go, If you are looking for extra value and if you are a cash game player I'm sure we have plenty to offer you.

I'm sure this sounds more complicated than it is and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Card Room Supervisor
G Casino Coventry



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