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Three of a Kind
Three of a Kind
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Free token from Coral

on 2013-04-28, 16:25
I got an email from Coral telling me I had a free $5.50 token in my account. Not played on there since the switched to ipoker so logged on and decided to use it for a sit and go. Registered in a six handed game and 35 minutes later it still hadnt filled up so just unregistered. Isnt ipoker meant to be one of the biggest networks - genting, will hill, you name it, and they cant get a six handed sit and go started? It doesnt add up - where are all these players they are supposed to have?????
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Re: Free token from Coral

on 2013-04-29, 14:50
I havent played STTs for a long time but I wonder if people have switched to speed poker on the network?

I have dabbled with ipoker's version of rush poker and always find it amusing that instead of speed-folding crap hands, a lot of players will play like normal poker, raising the button with garbage etc.

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