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Beginners help from FullTilt Poker

on 2013-04-20, 02:36

Over the years a number of online poker sites have premiered beginner’s tables designed to expose new players to the game without fear of being eaten alive by the regulars with FullTilt Poker now the latest to join this list.

An update this week saw the online poker domain reveal a series of New To The Game tables designed specifically for novice players.

Being offered at various low-stake games including no-limit hold‘em, pot-limit Omaha and tournaments, FullTilt Poker revealed that it is also set to feature a Game Of The Week with the initial selection fixed-limit hold‘em.

The structure of the New To The Game tables has been designed to allow players to learn the game as they play and comes complete with a series of helpful hints and pointers as competition develops. The pace for each game is also much slower than at other tables with winning hands being highlighted at showdown.

FullTilt Poker stated that each player is to be allowed 2,000 hands or 75 tournaments on each of its New To The Game table variants while seasoned grinders can also partake in order to fine-tune their skills.

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