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Another Network to Be Wary Of .....

on 2013-02-08, 11:38
Everleaf Players Dispute LGA Claims

The disproportionate number of reports from players that have not been paid casts doubt over the accuracy of Maltese regulator’s claims.

A group of players on the Everleaf Gaming Network are refuting claims from its regulator that a “great majority” of previously locked player funds have been paid.

More than 30 Canadian and European player began joining forces last month in the Facebook group “Everleaf Withdrawal Issues,” to hash out their issues with the network, document problems with receiving cash and log a database of pending payments.

Last week, the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA), the Malta-based regulator with a history of disregarding players, said it would monitor Everleaf to ensure continued payments.

The players in the group claim that only 3% of their requested cash outs have been processed in the past nine months and that roughly €108k remains outstanding. This disproportionate percentage of unprocessed withdrawal requests calls into question the LGA’s claim that a “great majority of such players have already been paid.”

In response to the LGA statement, one player in the group wrote, “I believe that the same day I receive my freaking money!!!”

While some players have reported being paid, those still awaiting money say they are continually trying to get the issue reconciled through both Everleaf skins and the LGA.

The LGA has asked players to file payment complaints with its Player Support Department at complaints@lga.org.mt, but some players are reporting response times from the LGA in months while others report receiving no response at all.

A year ago, the LGA issued “sanctions” against Everleaf Gaming Limited, having found “a number of irregularities in their operation.”

Steadily, players reported waiting months for cash outs that should have taken no more than several hours or a day to process.

Late last month, one of the skins, Minted Poker, halted deposits “due to a technical issue,” but stated “the cashier is still working for transfers and cashouts as normal.”

Everleaf blocked US players last year after US authorities shut down a payment processor and seized more than $27k. Since then, most US players have been unable to request a cash out as no feasible option has been made available.

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Re: Another Network to Be Wary Of .....

on 2013-03-05, 10:00
Dear Players

It is with great frustration that Mintedpoker would like to publicly announce its embarrassment at the cash out delays currently being experienced on the Everleaf Gaming Network (ELG).

As most players will know Everleaf Gaming Limited, process all money transactions from deposits to cash outs across most partners of the network. The cash out transactions have for the past twelve months become slower and slower to a point where it is now taking up to six months to receive a cash out transaction, no matter what cash out method is used.

MintedPoker is extremely frustrated at this position and can only apologise for the excessive delays which we know our players and affiliates are finding unacceptable.

We have tried to work with ELG's management for several months to push the cash out delays along, in the past they have always managed to improve the situation however currently we feel it is unlikely a solution will be found.

Mintedpoker took the decision to remove all deposit options around 4 weeks ago to prevent players potentially losing more funds into the Everleaf Gaming Network. The management, COO and owner still remain unresponsive.

As they have not responded with any accurate time scale for over 4 months, we feel it necessary and in the best interests of players to advise them to cash out all funds from their player accounts, contact the LGA and file a complaint.

We advise on the following three steps:

1. Please complete this form: https://www.playresponsibly.org.mt/Complaints.aspx?dnmparams=/8wFhKIw8OCRGwru0pFMFb_3ZwaX8846I

2. email: complaints@lga.org.mt

3. Complete this form: http://www.lga.org.mt/lga/Contact.aspx?id=85807

We recommend that all players using the Everleaf cashier should be following these three simple steps to enhance their chances of having their bankrolls repaid.

We will continue to work with anyone we can at Everleaf Gaming and will of course keep our players and affiliates informed with any changes to the current position.

Mintedpoker will in due course be leaving the network and requesting all player balances to be transferred. It is unclear if Everleaf Gaming Limited will cooperate with our request.

Everleaf Gaming currently provides support for the mintedpoker.eu domain. Contacting support@mintedpoker.eu for information regarding details contained within this email will be of no help.

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