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Cardroom visit

on 2011-07-08, 14:23
Popped in last night for the £20 with one optional rebuy, which i didn't need. Good game, and a generally very decent standard though there were a few strange plays here and there. Got lucky with good hands early on, and unlucky with good hands at the business end. Started well with a double up when I flopped a set of tens only to have a guy re-raise me on the river with top two. Couldn't believe it took five hours to make final table with only 33 starters but with 360000 chips in play I guess we could have expected it to play long.

Good to meet Gavin, Ben, and a few others who have shown an interest in the forum, and looking forward to getting the results flowing from what seems to be a very active card room community.

Oh, no, didn't win - had the chip lead on FT for a while but was up and down like a yoyo. Lost a chunk with QQ v AA, made it back, then called a shove with AQ which was no match for 67 sooted - two sixes on the flop, fml. Got 44 through against Q 10 but had to sweat a J9x flop, then finally went busto with 44 against AQ, Q on the flop, so out 5th for £96. With payouts down to 7th, and a top prize of £384 (if memory serves correctly) this was a highly sociable game and worth a visit.

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