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NEWS - DTD £500K Guaranteed

on 2012-07-06, 16:21
DTD £500K Guaranteed
Online satellites for the September £500 Megasized £500,000 GTE Deepstack will begin Monday 16th of July.
Note, importantly, that this will be a FREEZOUT (i.e. with no re-entry either on the day or next day).
They say the main reason for this decision is that they want the challenge of going for 1000 unique runners for one their monthly Deepstacks.
Maybe player fatigue and an underlying dislike of re-entry comps at this level had something to do with it too.
I alsomnoticed that when you win tokens online now, they have to be used within a month - so you cant just keep sticking vouchers from satellites into your back pocket and burn them on re-entries. I think that's probably a good thing? Does anyone else have thoughts on this?
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