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Two Pair
Two Pair
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No deals at DTD

on 2012-02-06, 18:11
"As from March 1st 2012, tournaments where the prize pool is guaranteed by Dusk Till Dawn will subject to a “no deals policy”.

When Dusk Till Dawn first opened, we had a “no deals policy” for all of our tournaments, however, over time, this lapsed. We have created many big prizepools for our players, mainly through taking risks with guaranteeing the prize pool ourselves, but the most important and exciting part of the tournament - the final table, has sometimes been an anti-climax to the event, with disruptions in play while deals are trying to be negotiated, not only between the players at the final table, but with players who have taken stakes in a particular player, a trend which we have seen growing.

On occasions, we have seen lesser experienced players, in particular, those players that have qualified through our satellites, not always receiving fair equity and situations have arisen where deal negotiations have created some animosity, especially when one player has refused to agree to a deal that the majority of players want to do. These are the primary reasons, however, we are also keen supporters of poker being recognised as a “sport”, and part of promoting and supporting this concept is that there is an outright winner of a poker tournament. Of course, there can be a significant element of luck in winning a poker tournament, but we believe that the ability to negotiate deals should have no influence on how the prize pool is distributed. We believe this is in the best interests of poker players who choose to play tournaments at Dusk Till Dawn.”
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