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Alea visit

on 2011-11-10, 17:36
Posted on our Facebook page and in gala section.

"Alright guys, couple of things you might want to add...
The Gala, Nottingham - Seemed pretty clueless last night, the reception didn't have a clue about the Poker comps and at first told us there wasn't any (prolly turned others away as well)... We turned up and there was a comp, a £20+£5 scalp with a massive 12 runners (not the £10 semi you have here). The guy running it was a little less enthusiastic towards getting one going so it didn't run! We ended up at the Alea across the road which had a good comp on, a £10 semi, with 65 runners.

Looks like you missed that one off! Id say, promote that one if your going to choose out the two "

Thanks for the feedback Matt - we hadnt updated the Alea listing for a while and were not aware they had restarted poker tournaments. Our schedule section for them has now been updated.
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