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Cardroom Visit and Review

on 2011-05-23, 23:35
Paid a visit to Aspers Northampton on Friday 20th May.

First impressions were very good, they have nine tables in their cardroom and room for a few more if they got the numbers for any special events.

The first bad beat was having to pay £3.80 for a pint of lager, oh well, never mind.

Also a bit disappointing that only 27 turned up for their Friday night game, the only game in town as far as I am aware, though my taxi driver seemed to think the Gala Regent Street (formerly the Rubicon) played host to some cash games on occasions. I've no idea if he is correct.

The competition was a £50 + £7 deepstack freezeout with 10k starting chips, and one guy on my table managed to go out on the second hand, clinging to the belief that his turned straight (with KQos) was still good on the river when the board paired the Ace to reveal A9TJA. When his nemesis led out on the river with a full house (A9), going all-in was not quite the small-ball "Negreanu" response that was required in the circumstances. After he left the table he bemoaned the fact that he had been running bad for two years. Mmmmmh, strange.

For my own part, I was happy to have a few overpriced beers and just relax after a trying day in London. This was just as well as I was as card dead as I could be. More mayhem ensued as the oriental gentleman who was the happy recipeint of the first double up proceeded to knock a couple more out. From the get-go he was a big fan of 7BB+ raises and calling with any two cards, so having a big stack did nothing to slow him down. In fact there were strange calls from players all over the place.

Any attempt to make a move was liable to be met with resistance with random cards. Despite hardly playing a hand, boredom crept in and I decided to get jiggy with a bag of spanners. My first significant raise from early position merited no respect at all, nor did it deserve to, but they weren't to know that. I was called on three streets by a guy with J 6 who had hit his Jack on the flop and clearly felt it was good on a JQxxx board. Luckily I was able to muck my hand without having to show 4 6 off suit. :-)

Having lost a chunk of change messing about with that load of crap, I had to get busy. J10 seemed good enough to go to war with and I finally got to tangle with the oriental big stack two to my left. A Q8T flop seemed good enough to continue with, having second pair and a gutshot, and when my flop bet was called I was committed on the blank turn, so in they went. Call. My man had top pair and a gutshot with Q9. I actually made a flush but he made a bigger one. Sigh.

A 1/1 cash table had been going since 8.30, and by the time I departed from the comp at about 10.20 there was another about to open up. So I sat down and was happy to see Mr Run Bad also at the table. He started to run better, turning a straight with 67 against my two pair. Reload.

It was quite a jolly and friendly table, with raises of 7 BB pretty much the norm and generally called in at least four spots. Had to let QQ go after five limpers called my 6BB raise, and the flop brought down both an Ace and a King, Stepped aside to let K7 and A6 battle it out all the way to the river. Was down for a while then built up a healthy stack, only to see a new player arrive with a wheelbarrow full of chips, as the first cash table was finished. Headed back to the hotel after my AJ got crushed by his Q9, my least favourite hand of the evening, but clearly the Northampton Nuts.

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