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Prize Pools to be skimmed at Genting Stoke

on 2019-01-02, 17:10
Genting Stoke have announced a new Tournament League

£5,000 Guaranteed
7th January - 10th March
League play off 17th March
1 point for entering
10 points for 1st - 1 point for 10th

£1 league fee (per entry)
5% taken from nightly prize pool
Anything collected over £5,000 will be paid out.

People had a few moans on social media about the £1 league fee - which used to be quite common but non-regs just put up with. What isnt so good for occasional players/visitors is the fact they are skimming 5% off the prize pool to help finance this promo. In my opinion this makes the venue less attractive to non-regs. Who probably wont find out till they cash.

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