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APAT European Championships at Coventry

on 2018-05-23, 00:30

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One Pair
One Pair
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APAT EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2018 - Coventry Ricoh August 4/5th, 2018

on 2018-05-31, 23:46
Hi Boys and Girls,

As it's so close, hopefully we can get a good turnout of MPF players for this event, including, of course, our very own Euro 2016 champ (Dave G.) hoping for a second victory.

I understand direct buy-ins can be done now with Grosvenor online (£110) or you can book a seat in advance through the EVENTBRITE facility (for £5) and pay the rest direct at the event. However, if you do the latter, please be aware you must pay up and register at the Ricoh Casino at least an hour before the event starts , i.e. before 4pm on Saturday, August 4th or you will be de-listed.

Here's to our future success,
Graham the Wurzel.
Full House
Full House
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Re: APAT European Championships at Coventry

on 2018-06-07, 08:17
I paid in 3 weeks ago through Grosvenor in Stoke.
However yestetday they rang me to say it has not be accepted.
But I have managed to pay the fiver deposit which guarantees a seat on the day.
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Re: APAT European Championships at Coventry

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