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Armed Robbery at Genting Edgbaston

on 2017-04-19, 11:24
From the Birmingham Mail:

Police are appealing for information after five masked raiders armed with knives and an axe stormed a Birmingham casino on Easter Sunday.

One terrified customer told how the ordeal was ‘like something out of a movie’, as the five men raided the Genting Casino in Edgbaston just after 9pm.

The armed men demanded cash from staff and stole a wallet from a customer before escaping in a VW Golf.

Customer Syrika Sejhal told how she was having dinner when the men burst into the Norfolk Road casino.

“We had just sat at down at the table and could hear loud screaming and everyone running everywhere, only to get up and see 5 or 6 masked men with guns machetes and hammers!

“They screamed at us and told us to lay down on the floor while snatching phones off people and headed for the casino cash desk!

“It was like something out of a movie!”

West Midlands Police are now appealing for information about the robbery, where a large amount of cash was stolen.

A spokeswoman said: “Police were called just after 9pm to Genting Casino, Norfolk Road, Edgbaston on Sunday 16 April following a report of an armed robbery .

“A group of approximately five men are believed to have entered the premises and demanded money from staff.

“The group were armed with weapons, including bats, knives and an axe, which was used to strike the cash desk and threaten staff.

“Threats were also made to a customer in the casino and his wallet was stolen.

“The group made off with a large quantity of cash, they were left in a new VW Golf type R.

“Police enquiries are on-going. Anyone with information is asked to contact DC Lee Reeday at Bournville Force CID on 101.”

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Re: Armed Robbery at Genting Edgbaston

on 2017-04-23, 09:15
Becoming easy targets.Walsall and Bury New Road also had the same
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Re: Armed Robbery at Genting Edgbaston

on 2017-04-23, 20:06
Luton Genting has a highly secure arrangement, whereby members of the public going in or out pass through a sort of "airlock", a lobby where both the inner and outer doors are electronically locked and they can`t be opened simultaneously.  That means it`s nigh impossible for thieves to run in off the street carrying weaons and, if they do get in, they can`t easily escape with anything they steal.

It`s an absolute pain in the backside to us innocent players.  It drives you up the wall during a break in any busy comp, because you can`t readily go out for a breath of air while anyone else is coming in and then, having managed to get outside, it`s tough to return to the table.  However, that sort of arrangement may be the price we have to pay in the future to stop this kind of criminality.

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