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Congratulations to Fluence!

on 2016-10-31, 16:12
Massive well done to forum stalwart Fluence aka David Griffiths for taking down the 25/25 Series event at Coventry over the weekend. Hard on the heels of his APAT championship, the man is on form! Well done mate.

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Re: Congratulations to Fluence!

on 2016-10-31, 17:39
I`m happy to second that.  Well played, Fluence.  Applause

The older you get, the better you get (unless you`re a banana).
Full House
Full House
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Re: Congratulations to Fluence!

on 2016-10-31, 21:27
I will have to stop saying that "I'm running like a drain". My form of late has been embarrassingly good, though if I say so myself I played pretty well throughout day 2 having to adjust to the ebb and flow of my chip stack versus the bb average and the game situation.

When the FT started I had 10 bigs but 4 of the players were unashamedly trying to ladder so I was shoving on them virtually every time it was folded to me.

I had 2 bits of luck one when I shoved 67o and was called by AQ (6 on the flop) and once when I shoved Ks4s from the button into the biggest rock in the world who tank called with AJo and I hit a straight with my 4. (that will teach him to call off with AJ) 

Once I got chips I felt the momentum had turned my way and I knocked out the players in 5th, 4th and 3rd to take the CL at the start of HU. Initially my opponent didn't want to deal but after 20 mins of HU play he started to realise that it might be a good idea.

It was the only deal done in the whole comp as even a "saver" for 14th was declined during the vote. So the payouts were as advertised except we chopped 1st and 2nd money straight down the middle but as I was a healthy CL by now I was officially the winner. 


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