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September Cash Games at Edgbaston

on 2016-09-08, 21:42
From 8pm every night Genting Edgbaston offer cash poker games; NLHE, PLO or others by arrangement.

With NLHE at ONLY £1 A POT you may want to give it a try.

September Poker Specials

Crazy Rake:*
£1/£1 & £1/£2 NLHE: £1 per pot capped rake!!
£1/£1 & £1/£2 4 card PLO: £1 per pot capped rake!!
£1/£1 & £1/£2 4,5,6 Card PLO: £2 on pots over £20; £3 on pots over £100

Cash game poker players at Genting Edgbaston will earn reward points at a rate of .60 per hour for simply playing with us.
Additionally, they are offering players a fabulous cash back promo!!

Dine while you play:
Eat 10 times in a month and get £40
Eat 15 times in a month and get £60
Eat 20 times in a month and get £80
Eat 23 times in a month and get £100
Play, eat, earn cashback...

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