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Full House
Full House
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Bank Holiday Games? Empty Bank Holiday Games?

on 2016-08-23, 15:32
I wouldn't mind a heads up on what games are available this weekend Ascot.

God I hate this game but I can't stop playing.
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Bank Holiday Games? Empty Re: Bank Holiday Games?

on 2016-08-23, 20:13
The Summer Sizzler looks good, Andy.


Also, DTD have got a £250k gtd comp.  Buyin is £550, but there are cheaper routes in via online qualifiers on Party.

Friday and Saturday, Genting NEC have the last of their mid-range guarantees before they revert to small stuff.  Could be worth a look.  Shame they can`t sustain those regularly.  It`s a good cardroom, comparable with Hill Street (which we usually think of as setting the standard in this area) but (speaking purely for myself) I don`t feel able to give up my time for comps where I am not playing to trouser a grand or more.

The older you get, the better you get (unless you`re a banana).
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Bank Holiday Games? Empty Re: Bank Holiday Games?

on 2016-08-23, 22:11
Pretty much as Panfried said Andy - Grosvenor's Sizzler all over the plaace with the final at Hill St on Monday.

NO other special games on Bank Holiday Monday - that phenomenon seems to have died out, especially in this weather.

Besides the usual bread-and-butter games these appear to be the highlights:


Nottingham Dusk Till Dawn 
12:00 £500+£50 partypoker Deepstack £250,000 GTD
17:00 £500+£50 partypoker Deepstack £250,000 GTD
19:00 £2,000+£200 partyPoker DTD High Roller £100,000  GTD

Walsall G Casino
15:30 £50+£6 Big 50 - £4000 GTD 

Birmingham Genting Resortsworld 
18:00 £100+£10 Saturday Storm (NO AO) £5,000  GTD
Leicester Grosvenor 
19:30 £100+£10 Summer Sizzler (Leg 1C) £20,000 GTD


Nottingham Dusk Till Dawn 
12:00 £500+£50 partypoker Deepstack £250,000 GTD 
17:00 £500+£50 partypoker Deepstack £250,000 GTD
20:00 £50+£5 Super50  £3,000  GTD

Walsall G Casino 
15:30 £30+£6 Xtreme Stack (£20 TopUp) £4,000  GTD

Birmingham Genting Star City 
16:00  £45+£5 Sunday Super Best (No AO) £5000 GTD 

Stoke Genting Club 
16:15  £50+£5 Sunday 4000 (No AO) £4,000 GTD

Birmingham Grosvenor 
17:30 £100+£10 Summer Sizzler (Leg 1E) £20000 GTD

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Bank Holiday Games? Empty Re: Bank Holiday Games?

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