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Darren Sutton
Ace High
Ace High
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on 2016-06-21, 23:17
Just wondered if the Euros had affected the turn outs at comps. i certainly have not been any where near while they have been on, but then i am a football junkie.
Two Pair
Two Pair
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Re: Numbers

on 2016-06-22, 23:22
There was a 1.8k overlay at Hill Street's monthly 6k on the day of the England v Russia game (there was also the GPPT mini in MK on the same day). I thought there would be a big chance of overlay that day but opted for the pub and footy instead. They seem to have been adding money to a lot of tournaments recently looking at their recent results postings - a good thing for the regular punter in the short term but not our local poker scene in the longer term!
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