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One Pair
One Pair
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Stoke GPS

on 2016-05-26, 22:25
Is anyone going to stoke this weekend for the GPS? Its not very well advertised. I had to double check I had the date right!!
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Re: Stoke GPS

on 2016-05-27, 13:34
I'm not playing this as I have other plans for the bank holiday weekend. I am however hoping to pop up to Stoke tonight, only to support the charity event at the Grove which is being run as a result of the sad loss of Sean "Peskie" Perry's young son Ben.

As for the GPS, as far as I am aware they have only run live satellites for this at Stoke and Star City, and with Genting shutting down their online site I imagine these events (maybe not so much the "Minis") will have a steadily reducing player pool as the season progresses as "tokens" get used up, and maybe less players inclined to fire multiple bullets, so I'd expect there will be more and more value with each event. If Genting don't cancel the tour all together, I certainly hope my other commitments will allow me to play a few of these later in the year.

Good luck if you play and may see you at Walsall next week!!

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