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Full House
Full House
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My poker Calendar

on 2016-03-21, 21:52
No surprise that the web site has been taken down.No one used it and there was only myself that made an effort to post information on it.The lay out was too elaborate as well.
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Re: My poker Calendar

on 2016-03-23, 11:59
Yes, I thought Kev was being a bit ambitious trying to get into this venture. Its hard enough getting info from casinos to cover just one region, so he was never going to get far attempting to get national coverage.

Preparing for glory, by failing until I don't.
Kevin Houghton
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Re: My poker Calendar

on 2016-04-06, 13:39
The site is down for maintainance and simpleisation before a Summer relaunch.
The web guy decided to be a male chicken after launch and spending his £5k and everything including time stood still. He has since been sacked and we are looking at alternatives.
I have also been extremely busy with R&D on another business too so it was best for all purposes to pull it down for now.
Thanks for your thoughts, Kev
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Re: My poker Calendar

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