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Full House
Full House
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on 2016-02-29, 23:37
Following on from aces losing to 10.7 at Leicester. I played Stoke on Sat and Sun and went out again with aces to 10.7 and on Sunday went out with jacks v 10,7. It is either me having bloody bad luck or this has become the dogs bollards hand to play.The hand had won earlier on the table against ak as well.Whats the bet that the minute i play it i win naff all.Each time raises have been put in and each time the 10.7 is calling.
Any one else having this problem?
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Re: 10/7

on 2016-03-01, 15:04
The game is a different proposition these days.

1. Stacks are so deep for even bread and butter games - people will call with any two cards in the early levels with no impact.
2. The fashion for min-and-a-bit raises (225 at 50/100 etc) means everybody wants to take a look and tell themselves they are priced in.

Last time I played at Stoke some eastern european guy was advocating playing 10-5 from any position - "it always hits". Good luck with that.

So you will be up against crazy two-pair hands and straight draws more often than before. Even at LAGGY tables where 13BB raises have a habit of going in preflop in level one.

It's not just small comps, got my AA cracked by 97os in a GPS Main Event after the villain called a chunky 3 bet preflop. Keep telling yourself you want them calls Very Happy Very Happy

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The Jinx
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Re: 10/7

on 2016-03-01, 19:39
I've tried adding 10 x suited to my calling range when blinds ar very small and situation is right. It's such an easy hand to play. For example the other day blinds 50/100 UTG makes it 225, two callers I have T2s on the button and blinds are both tight. I call six of us see a T84 rainbow flop. Sure UTG c-bets, fold, fold, I call and blinds fold. Next card is my fourth club. UTG bets 1500 I call. I hit the flush on river. He bets, I shove, he sigh calls with KK. He loses 20k (1800 when ahead, 18k when beaten). At every stage I knew exactly where I was in the hand. Not saying this is regular play or even +ev, but Tx suited are good hands to play to mix it up providing circumstances are right.

I won't list all the times I miss and fold flop. I only play them if I know I'll fold TopPair on turn if he has barrelled and I haven't picked up two Pr or flush draw.

i've also run into higher flush draws on flop which are hard to get away from if the flush comes.

Straight flushes to you all (until we meet again)
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