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mike ramsay
Full House
Full House
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Fitbit for christmas

on 2016-01-03, 21:10
This device measures loads of stuff including pulse.

Wore it to tourney and after making a river bluff. The villain tanked, folded. After scooping the pot and stacking chips I checked pulse measure. 

It was showing 130 bpm approx 2 mins after the villain folded. I wonder what the max was and bearing in mind this was not a particularly stressful or 'big' pot. Risking 3k into a pot of 5k out of a stack of 50k.

Wonder what the pulse does in a really big moment!!!

Bearing in mind I am peaking at 125 bpm on a 10km run.......
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Re: Fitbit for christmas

on 2016-01-04, 12:34
So what you seem to be saying is that I dont need to go to the gym if I just bluff more? Very Happy

Preparing for glory, by failing until I don't.
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